Saturday, 24 March 2012

"Future Doctors Give Away 2012"

Each of you need to do the following....  
  • Must LIKE and FOLLOW/ADD our sponsor's Fan Pages and Blogs
    1. amirnawawi.com       LIKE Fanpage
    2. Ichigo                         LIKE Fanpage
    3. Gojez Houz.com        FOLLOW Blog and LIKE Fanpage
    4. AiMie CHan Naga     FOLLOW Blog and LIKE Fanpage SINI dan SINI
    5. Lovely Shawl           ADD Facebook and LIKE Fanpage
    6. ANA ADNI COLLECTION    FOLLOW Blog and LIKE Fanpage
    7. Airin Ayda                 FOLLOW Blog and LIKE Fanpage
    8. Indah Catalyst          FOLLOW Blog and LIKE Fanpage SINI dan SINI
    9. CikFiniey Shop         LIKE Fanpage
    10. HijaBook                   Follow Blog and LIKE Fanpage
    11. Nur Saudah Alifah    LIKE Fanpage (must) and Follow Blog (optional)
  • Have mailing address in Malaysia
  • Must make an ENTRY about this GA entitle "Future Doctors Give Away 2012"
  • Must put this GA's banner on your entry
  • Its better if your entry in English..equity allowed..plus minus Malay English.
  • Jot down the sponsor's list on your entry
  • Tag 3 of your friends, and make sure they know about it.
  • Last, put your URL in BOTH our (me and Cik Syan) comment spaces. To make sure your participation tidak tercicir!
  • and....FINISH!
Senarai Hadiah:
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Tarikh Tutup Penyertaan:
31st March 2012

ok i'm done 
clap my hands & hopefully i am lucky 2win 1 of de prizes
last but not least
i would like 2 tagged this 3 awesome people:

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