Saturday, 25 February 2012

Captivated Illusion 2nd Giveaway!! :)

-ONE lucky winner will get any of the clutch from above, you can choose color too.
-the prize is worth RM62 at the store!
-T&C: if winner ask for color that arent available, it can be change to other color that are available.

How to enter?(MUST DO ALL )
1) only have facebook, no blog
-like the photo
-share at your wall, have at least 5 likes from others.
-comment ;state your fb names(so i can check your wall)

2)have blog
-do entry/share at blog,link to the album.
-follow our blog; www.captivatedillusion.com/
-comment; state your follower id(so i can check your blog)

3)if u have both, u can choose either one from above. to make an entry at blog, or to share and get likes from others.

4)things that u might wanna know;
Giveaway link in Fb; Captivated Ilusion 2nd Giveaway!!
Web; www.captivatedillusion.com/
mail; kamisukafashion@gmail.com
due date; 1st of March 2012

:) sy join this GA using my blog.. meh tgk bertuahx sy ehh? (:


  1. done adding your name dear, thx for participating! be sure to hang around at our shop always to check out for the result ya. thx a lot :)